Agriculture is one of the few industries that affects us all. It involves the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and many of the materials we use in our daily lives. Though agriculture is such a major part of our everyday lives, most folks don’t know much more than where to buy the products they need.

Oregon Ag Fest was created to help better educate the public about the importance of agriculture. We demonstrate how important ag’s economic impact, logistics and practices are: showing folks, especially kids, such things as where the food they eat comes from, how sheep are raised for the wool to make clothing, to the importance of our forests for ecology and human survival.

Each April, Ag Fest is presented as a two-day, hands-on, activity-filled festival. It’s held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem. Our goal is to provide an educational experience for the whole family that is really fun. And, we keep it affordable! Kids age 15 and under are FREE!

Over 23,000 people attend Ag Fest each year to touch, taste and experience the incredible world of Oregon agriculture. Visitors come from all over the state eager to have fun while learning about Oregon’s largest industry.

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Executive Committee

Leah Rue
Vistor Point Farms

Past Chair
Jake Wilson

Abby Fitts
The Law Office of Abby Fitts

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Corey Burns
Denfeld Nut

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Scenic Valley Farms

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Retired Chemeketa Community College

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Boshart Trucking

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Michele Ruby


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Rohner Farms

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Columbia Bank

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Oregon Farm Bureau

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Oregon Department of Ag

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Ag in the Classroom

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Oregon Dairy Farmers Association

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Agricultural Trust of Oregon

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Oregon Association of Nurseries

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Volbeda Dairy, LLC